Under The Hood of Baby Logbook V2

…lots of talks, trials and roadmaps are underway leading up to Version2

Backstage bei Baby Logbook V2

…viele Diskussionen, Tests und ‘Roadmaps zeigen die neue Richtung von Version2


The New Year Will Bring Exciting News!

BABY LOG BOOK V2 is scheduled for March with some great improvements

- iCloud, both parents can feed the Log from different iOS devices

- easy reach to the sleep protocol

as well as many new features and bug fixes more to come – stay tuned!

Das Neue Jahr bringt aufregend Neues!

BABY LOG BOOK V2 wird Ende März erscheinen – unter anderem mit diesen neuen Features:

- iCloud, beide Eltern können nun die Logdaten gemeinsam eingeben, dies von verschiedenen iOS-Geräten.

- easy Access zum Schlafprotokoll

und vieles mehr, was das Leben rund ums neue Baby einfacher gestaltet – inklusive einiger Bug fixes. Stay tuned!





Feedback very welcome!

Since the launch of the current redesign we received a lot of feedback from all of you and this is just the right channel for it. Here we can respond and learn from you. Please do write reviews and recommendations in the AppStore, but specific questions are better placed here, most of it can be addressed right away.




Redesign is here!

WE LISTENED TO YOU  We added numerous features, we rewrote the app basically from scratch to bring you the most gorgeous and useful tool in those early baby days!
the major improvements:
YOU ARE BE ABLE TO CHOOSE THE TIME AND DATE OF AN EVENT. This enables you to log past events very easy. All your data you ever wanted to bring in from the Doc’s diary is relogged in a snap.
PRECISE QUANTITY (OR TEMPERATURE) PICKER. Never fiddle with a slider again, input exact data from start.
CHOOSE WHAT DATE YOU WANT TO SEE. This can be as far back as to when you first started to log.
COMPLETE REDESIGN. Cute & clutter free design from an award winning design agency in switzerland, it is now even easier to navigate trough the App.

Hello :)

Bist Du gerade (wieder) Mama geworden und brauchst (doch noch) ein bisschen Navigationshilfe auf der grossen See der Babywelt?

Baby Log Book vereint vieles, was früher überall in der Wohnung verteilt lag und nach und nach unleserlich wurde: Stillblätter, Notizzettel, Schlafprotokolle, Impfpläne und so weiter – einfach alles, was man gerne mal vergisst oder verlegt.

New to the world of babys and need some navigation trough the great waters of babyworld?

Baby Log Book combines what was often cluttered all over the house; Notes, sleep protocolls, vaccineplans – you name it, just about every thing wich gets forgotten too easely.


Deutsch & English
iOS4, iPad & iPhone4