Feedback very welcome!

Since the launch of the current redesign we received a lot of feedback from all of you and this is just the right channel for it. Here we can respond and learn from you. Please do write reviews and recommendations in the AppStore, but specific questions are better placed here, most of it can be addressed right away.




2 Gedanken zu “Feedback very welcome!

  1. No easy option only a scroll option for selecting the year when adding a weight log in the past. I need to backdate logs to 2010 for first child. Scrolling is very cumbersome and inaccurate as year is not displayed when adding info.

    • Dear Karen,
      thanks for your comment!

      Yes, it is correct – entries from the past are cumbersome, the only work around yet would be the following:
      1. Enter your data (all different weights for example)
      2. Go to LOGS at the main menu and EDIT the dates, there you can enter the years.

      The good news: We are working on Baby Log Book V2 intensively where this issue will be fixed along with some other great new features like:

      - Cloud compatibility (your partner can then also log for you via password provided)
      - Easier access to sleep protocol

      and many more!

      Kind regards and a HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and your family!
      Your Baby Log Book Team

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